Home Sweet Home



I’ll start by apologising for the terrible instagram photo. I agonised over the pros and cons of photo versus no photo, and a decent photo just wasn’t on the cards as my camera is currently out of action (not that it’s much better quality, grrr).

Anyway, its makes a point. A picture says a thousand words, weren’t you aware? And the words this one is saying are – we’ve just moved house and have got to that point were we have all the necessary furniture and we’ve unpacked everything (when I say we, I mean me by the way, I live with a lovely young man but an unpacker he is not) and now we just need to make it fun. And get more storage. 

What is it about houses in the Greater Manchester area and not having adequate storage space?!

Back to the FUN. I am desperate to make this house a beautiful, functional and exciting space. I had lofty intentions of doing this with our last home but in the end it just failed. There were a tonne of reasons for this – it was our first home together so there was a long getting-used-to-each-other period, then we were pretty economically challenged and when we finally became financially sound we were poor in time and motivation. Plus the bones of our flat were pretty gross. The bones of this house are different though. Different in a wonderful way.

This time it is most certainly different. This house is a home. I felt it the second I stepped through the glossy red front door and I feel it now as I type in our neutral-toned office-cum-dining room (even though there are remnants of cous cous and a vegetable tagine on the table). It may have something to do with it being an entire house rather than a flat, it might be because we’re situated further away from the hustle and bustle of it all, it could be because we have a garden. But I like to think it is because the house simply has a better attitude. And a bath. The bath is really excellent.

I feel compelled to do this house justice. To really pour my all into it and use my energy and creativity to make it special. Hell, I want people to pinterest my decor ideas (a bit too ambitious, I know).

We have a few ideas, mainly mine that I haven’t shared with Anthony who suggested a theme of ‘flamingos’ for our dining room that I actually think might work (thank you internet for allowing us access to cheap watercolours). I want to make our bedroom bright and unusual because I find that they are almost always overlooked and used as a dumping ground for mess (especially when we have guests), Basically, they are usually left bare and boring; our bedroom is pretty big and has loads of natural light so I’d like to really make a big deal of it. The living room is pretty set (light blue and water colours of british wildlife) but I’d like to expand the decorative elements. The kitchen is tiny and I could be persuaded to paint it a really bright colour (with adequate pinterest research, of course).

Sorry to bore your brains out with my out-loud-thinking.

I promise to get my camera up and running and unleash my interior decorator before your next visit.




Let me know what you think!

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