I am a great resolution maker. I’m not so great at keeping them. I often make so many complicated, long-winded, specific resolutions that I have trouble remembering them, let alone sticking to them. This year I’ve chosen a few goals that I hope are vague enough for me to adapt my lifestyle to so that I can really make a success of them. I’ve found that changing my lifestyle slightly is a much more positive way for me to achieve goals and targets, rather than telling myself I must not do a certain thing.

I just love how new year automatically makes me feel brand new and full of potential. It’s exactly how I felt at the start of a new school year too. Empty exercise books just waiting to be filled with wonderful things. I’ll willfully ignore the following weeks when the exercise books are all creased and full of crossings out. It’s the sense of intention that I really love and this year (as I say every year) I am intending to keep that sense of intention going for the full 365.

Here are my goals,

1) Live clean and lean. I have both James Duigan’s Clean & Lean Diet book and the Clean & Lean Diet Cookbook. When I stick to the Clean & Lean way of life I feel lighter, leaner, healthier and much more importantly, happier. I suffer quite badly from hormonal grumpiness but I find when I abide by the Clean and Lean rules my mood is more even and my energy levels rocket. I can’t think of a better way of improving my health and happiness than by following this plan. What I particularly love about it is the fact that it’s a way of life rather than a crash diet. Duigan encourages us to be grateful, calm, and to love our planet. I’m excited to feel good about, well,  everything!!

2) Write. I wanted to aim to write a novel but deep down knew that it was too specific of a goal for me to stick to, especially when I don’t know where I’ll be career wise for the rest of the year. It seemed an idealistic resolution but was too much of a commitment. What I’m aiming to do instead is write daily, either here on this blog or in my diary. If that inspires me to get creative and write a novel, then so be it, but as of January my goal will be a no pressure target to do something I love and enjoy each and every day.

3) Keep the house clean. This is such a silly goal, I almost didn’t write it. My house is usually vaguely clean but I will admit that sometimes it descends into messiness. The problem is that once the house is messy I lose all motivation to do anything productive and this has massive ramifications on all my good intentions. If the house is unclean I don’t want to cook, so I order takewaway which means I spend money I don’t have to spend and I eat unhealthily. I also can’t write in a mess, and when the house is messy I have zero motivation to clean or do little household tasks. This year then, I aim to keep on top of the housework so that my little piece of heaven is never messy and I am in an environment that aids productivity. I’ll be using the Home Routine iphone app to timetable chores into a manageable daily routine. The app helps you to tackle one room of the house a day and sets you morning and evening tasks. I’m in the middle of giving the house a good scrub now so that tomorrow I simply need to ‘keep on top of it’.

4) Make my house and garden a beautiful place to be. Not much to say about this one, I really want to focus on making this house a gorgeous space and I hope to share my progress and ideas with you here.

5) Learn to drive. A practical one, but something I’m really motivated to do this year.

6) Be more present. I never have my mind on the task at hand. I always have my mind on the next thing meaning I never really enjoy anything, which is a real shame. 2014 is going to be the year I learn to savour each moment and enjoy the little things. To help me do this I intend to limit my internet time to what’s really essential (I am the worst for watching TV with one eye and checking Instagram with the other). I have also signed myself up for a 10 week meditation course. I attended a one day meditation course in the Autumn which I really enjoyed but I never kept up with the practice at home, hopefully this course will give me a more structured approach and will be the just the boost I need.

Tomorrow I’m having family round for a little new year celebration, and knowing I’ll likely fail at eating clean, and being present and the like, I’ve decided to start my goals from the second of January instead. I have wrestled with internal guilt to allow myself to sanction this one and I still feel like I’m cheating, but I want to give myself the best chance for success I possibly can. This is the best way I can think of!

What are your goals for the coming year? Feel free to share them in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and an even better 2014.




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