Health: Clean & Lean Update #1



I thought I’d give you a little update on how my Clean & Lean lifestyle change has been going so far.

I haven’t found it particularly difficult, of course there have been some tricky points but I’ve managed to keep at it and now it really is becoming an easy habit to stick to.

I’ve lost about 12 pounds since I started on the second of January, although this week I haven’t lost any weight (I haven’t gained any either so I’m still counting this week as a victory).

Things I’m loving: Let’s start with the positives. I’m loving feeling less bloated, I’m really loving my jeans fitting again. The increase energy levels are also excellent although I have a little cold at the moment so I’m not sure I’m getting the full benefit of it. Also, I’m enjoying being forced to cook different things and getting to experiment in the kitchen. I won’t subject you to grainy IG photos of my recent culinary triumphs but in the past three weeks I’ve cooked things as exciting as lamb koftes with Persian salad, curried lentil soup, a Brussels sprout hash, completely usurping my normal repertoire of prawn stir fry and shepherd’s pie.

Things I’m not loving: I’ve largely been fine living my life without alcohol. On Thursday I even met my lovely friend Hannah for a drink and stuck to soda water (and was happy about it). Earlier the same day though I found myself sadly longing for a glass of crisp white wine. There were a lot of contributory factors; a stressful day, being on my own in London, passing all the lovely bars on the side of the river… I resisted though, and now I’m extremely glad. By large, Anthony hasn’t been drinking either, not on purpose but we usually share a bottle of wine and finishing one by yourself it a bit extreme. The other night he did have a glass though and I must admit I could not take my eyes off it. It’s not the lack of alcohol that I dislike but the temptation to drink it which seems to be following me everywhere… hopefully soon I’ll forget it exists. If you’re a non-drinker and want to offer me some solidarity I’ll be glad of it!

I’m also not loving that I haven’t lost any weight this week. I’m not going to be hard on myself, like I said above – not gaining anything is a victory in itself. I also know exactly why I haven’t lost anything either and so I feel completely capable of turning it around this coming week.

Things I could be doing better: Exercising. Without. A. Doubt. I slacked off with this on the second week (yes, only the second week). Last Sunday I went to a body conditioning class and loved it, but since I have done absolutely nothing. I haven’t even walked to or from work because the weather has been extremely hostile. I make excuses about how a day in the office zombifies me and I can’t do anything after work, that I have too many errands to do on the weekend and that I also need to make time to relax…. But they are all rubbish. My goal for this week is to up my exercise, no excuses! I’ve booked in to a couple of classes at the gym and I’ll be walking to or from work as much as the weather permits.

Other things I need to keep my eye on: drinking enough water, eating less cheese, yoghurt and cous cous, and snacking too much.

I’m proud of myself because: I went to London this week and I took all my own food with me, I ate only the healthy things I’d prepared, I didn’t fall off the wagon and I stuck to my two cups of coffee limit.

Are you on a health kick too? How’s it going? What are you finding the hardest?


Let me know what you think!

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