I usually try to have a productive Sunday but today I woke up and my nose was all stuffy and I felt the tell-tale tingle of a new cold sore and I just thought: no. No to doing stuff. I’m going to spend a Sunday doing exactly what you’re meant to do on a Sunday: very little indeed.


Don’t go thinking I spend most Sundays in a flurry of activity, I don’t. But I do usually go to the supermarket, cook a couple of meals (for the day or the week ahead), tidy the house and try to catch up on laundry. I also usually put off all my unappealing tasks until Sunday. If anything crops up through the week that I don’t fancy doing, I tell myself I’ll do it on Sunday after having a fun and restful Saturday. Let’s just say that by Sunday, my to-do list can fill both sides of a sheet of A4. Sometimes the guilt of knowing you should be doing something important can completely ruin a lazy day. Today I am also saying no to guilt.



I’m doing nothing world, crumble into the fires of the underworld if you must.

Currently, I have pot of curried lentil soup on the hob (recipe here). I have a cup of coffee in my hand, I have some nice music on and I’m going to tinker around with a few blogposts I’ve had in my drafts folder for far too long. In my not so distant future I see a long bath with a good book and several consecutive hours in front of the television. It’s Sunday which means it’s Call the Midwife Night. I love everything about it – the clothes, the hair, the babies, and the post-war spirit!

What do you do to relax? Are you partial to lazy Sundays or productive ones?

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