Monday Blues Banishers



Here are some happy thoughts to banish any Monday morning blues that might be hanging over your head:

  • Only 19 days until Valentine’s Day! How will you be celebrating? We don’t usually do much but this year I feel like making an effort. I’m going to scour Pinterest for some easy crafts and decoration ideas that I can do on a budget and I’ll be sharing some healthy but hearty (get it?) recipe ideas here in the coming weeks.
  • January is almost over. We made it gang. It has been long, it’s been cold and it’s been frugal, but we’re almost on the other side. Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with a nice glass of red (or, if you’re me a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt).
  • New week, new beginning, time to refocus on those health goals. I’ll be making a conscious effort to exercise more over the next seven days. Are you joining me? Then let’s pray the weather calms down so I can walk for miles and listen to the Archers podcast (best exercise ever).
  • A whole new week of menu planning and eating has opened up. I for one intend to start planning and drooling over Saturday brunch and Sunday lunch right now. I’m thinking that pancakes and Greek food are going to steal the show but this could change many times before the big days!
  • Do you love to do lists? I do. Monday is like the to-do list Christmas. You can plan your whole week. I love it, whether I stick to my plans or not, there’s certainly something satisfying about scribbling in my diary whilst I enjoy my first cup of coffee for the week.

Enjoy your Monday if you can!


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