Life: Resolutions Update #1



Last week I posted an update on how my resolution to be more Clean & Lean was going. I thought it would be fun to share my progress on my other goals too.

Be more present: I am outright failing at this one. I have been the worst for scrolling through Pinterest or IG whilst watching TV, even worse than before I made the resolution. In a nod towards being more present I tried practicing mindfulness by watching the cream swirl around my coffee just after I poured it in, which gave me all of two seconds of peace before my mind wandered to thoughts of laundry and work. I have signed up for a meditation class though and I expect this to renew my focus on this goal. It doesn’t start for two weeks so I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime I’m going to try a mini-goal of not checking my personal email in the office. I have the shortest attention span and access to technology only makes it worse. My iPhone will remain in my bag all day and I’ll only check it once at lunchtime. The fact that I had to write this makes me feel disgusting. My name is Kirsty Hampshaw and I am addicted to the internet.

Learn to drive: I’m leaving this one for the spring. Whenever I think about it I want to throw up.

Write daily: This was going really well in the beginning. Then the slacker on my shoulder convinced me I could count reports I write at work, forms and tweets as writing daily. That’s right friends, I looked for loop holes in a resolution I made to do something that I enjoy more often. That’s the type of lazy, sneaky personality I’m dealing with. I’ll keep trying to overcome my tendency towards bone idleness and if I win, expect another progress report soon.

Keep the house clean: The house, whilst not 100% clean is better than it could have been had I not made the resolution to keep it clean. Do I have a backlog of household tasks? Of course. Is it an insurmountable backlog? Not at all. In the spirit of honesty I am forced to confess that the cleanliness of the house is largely down to Anthony. Thanks for keeping my resolution Anthony. I owe you one.

So, some successes and some failures. I am determined to keep working on my goals though. I know it’s easy to just forget about resolutions once February arrives but I’m going to stay accountable. Some writing, some cleaning, some driving lessons and being sort of present is better than not trying at all…so well done me!


Let me know what you think!

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