Health: Clean and Lean Update #2


This week has been a lot better than last week. I’ve lost a whopping 16 lbs since I started the Clean and Lean diet which sounds like loads but I swear you can’t really tell which is a little disappointing. I’m trying to be proud of myself but that’d be a lot easier if I could see some noticeable change. These things take time though. I feel much better in energy and mood and that’s the main thing.


Things I’m loving: This week my hair and skin seem to have improved massively (except for a horrible cold sore outbreak that I intend to dedicate a whole post to in the near future, you’re welcome). At first I put the hair improvement down to a change in shampoo and it finally growing past an awkward length hotspot, but I don’t think it’s just that. It seems stronger and glossier and altogether happier. My skin is also looking a lot more even-toned and brighter, it could be better if I hadn’t picked this month to economise on my skincare routine. I’m a great believer in getting what you pay for on the skincare front and I paid under a fiver for dry patches and an oily T-zone. Never again. I’m planning to use my accrued Boots card points for some fancy moisturiser.

Things I’m not loving: I am absolutely hating stress getting in the way of me staying hydrated. As soon as I get into a tiz I forget to drink and being thirsty leads to snacking or overeating and is bad news in general. This is a real weekday problem for me that I plan to tackle in the coming week – it isn’t always easy to remember to do things when you’re in that stressful situation though, short of having ‘DRINK’ tattooed on my hands I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Things I could be doing better: Again, exercising. I walked to work once this week I think. The weather has been absolutely atrocious and I had a rubbish week so that the two gym classes I signed up for I skipped in favour of going home to whinge and cry at my beloved.

Another thing I could be doing better is taking supplements. I have maca powder, omega 3, vitamins D & B all ready to go but in my morning rush I always forget to take them and by dinner time the thought of them has just vanished. Also, whilst I love the effects of maca powder I hate the taste. I try not to have smoothies very often so I usually end up sprinkling a teaspoon onto my morning coffee and it makes it taste so malty and occasionally makes me gag. If I was having more than a single cup of delicious coffee per day I’d happily sacrifice my first mug to the vile stuff but I’m a strict one cup girl and it is too precious to taint. Any recommendations on what I can do to get over this? Any maca recipes which mask the malty taste?

I’m proud of myself because: Even with poorly stocked cupboards and a busy week I have managed to make healthy choices for every meal this week. I also reduced my yoghurt and cheese intake dramatically and I feel much, much better for it.

How’s your health kick going? Give yourself a big pat on the back if you have stuck it out since New Years.


Let me know what you think!

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