Monday Blues Banishers




Here are a few things that are making me smile on this (very dark and dreary) Monday.

1)      I sent some snail mail to far away friends. I love sitting down and writing a little note to someone special, and I especially love my Cath Kidston stationary.

2)      Back to clean and lean – I had my cheat meal yesterday. I was a roast dinner with a slice of homemade lemon sponge for pudding. It was delicious but now I am more than ready for lots of healthy food.

3)      This is the last Monday that I’ll be 24 ever again. I turn 25 on Thursday so I’m having a week of ‘lasts’. Yesterday was my last Sunday roast as a 24 year old, an important milestone, don’t you think?

4)      Since I spent all yesterday slaving over a hot stove I have Call the Midwife to catch up on tonight, providing me with a light at the end of the tunnel.

5)      The remains of my cold sore are almost gone! Cause for celebration if there ever was one. Read more about my plight with cold sores here.

6)      Dry January is over for many of us who stuck it out to the bitter end. Pat yourselves on the back if you lasted the whole month. Perhaps today you’re feeling a bit delicate? I think my drinking habits have changed for good. I’ll be dedicating a whole post to this in the near future.

Have a brilliant day everyone!


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