Health: Clean and Lean Update #3


These mussels were amazing! Definitely the best meal of the week.



It was my birthday on Thursday so I’ll tell you right now that this was neither my cleanest nor leanest week. I still managed to cram lots of healthy food in (in between mouthfuls of cake and a very unhealthy curry). Anyway, birthdays are for celebrating and I don’t feel guilty about slackening the reigns a little bit. As always, I’m happy to be back on the straight and narrow. Here’s what’s been going right and wrong this week:

Things I’m loving: When I first started eating cheat meals I couldn’t stop feeling guilty about them. In fact, I even made my first few really healthy because the first one I ate just filled me with dread. I didn’t trust myself to be able to have one blow-out meal and then return to being healthy and moderate. Well, a few weeks later I’d say I trust myself enough to know that I can have my treats but still be healthy overall. I really do believe you need a few treats and it’s important not to feel guilty about having them. I’m glad I can truly feel that now, rather than just understanding the principles of the idea. Cheat meals are a lovely indulgence, and once they are over I am more motivated than ever to return to healthiness.

I’m also loving my new attitude to alcohol. I’ve tried drinking a few times since the end of Dry January and each time I’ve been much more moderate than I would have been previously. I, of course, had a few glasses of champagne on my birthday and I got nice and merry. I enjoyed it at the time but the day after I knew that I wouldn’t be drinking like that for a long time. I like knowing now I’m more of a ‘couple of glasses for a special occasion’ drinker than a drink as much as possible drinker. Last night I had a glass of beer (because Anthony wanted it, more than anything) and when he poured me a second I realised I had absolutely no desire to drink it. I gave it to him to finish. I was done. I’m happy with this.

Things I’m not loving: I still have a long way to go with my exercise. I blame the cold weather. I say this every update but this honestly is the week I get to grips with my fitness!

Things I could be doing better: Eating greens at breakfast time. They really do give you a much needed energy boost in the morning, and they are absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. Whilst I manage to include greens in all my other meals, I really struggle with incorporating them breakfast. Any ideas of delicious green breakfasts?

I’m proud of myself because: This week has been a potential minefield. I’ve been ill, I’ve been upset at points, it’s been my birthday and I’ve had my second cold sore breakout in as many weeks (I am just recovering from having 6 cold sores at once). Through it all I have remained as clean and lean as possible (yes, I’ve had my treats but in moderation).

How are you doing? Have you had trouble continuing now the motivation of New Years has passed? I’d love to hear!


Let me know what you think!

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