Home: Our Bathroom (Currently)


We are still a very, very long way off being in a position to decorate the house. You know what it’s like, when you have the time you don’t have the money and when you have the money you don’t have the time. Life is unfair.

I can still plan though, and hope and dream. I waste many an hour scrolling through Pinterest and adding to my Home board, dreaming of exactly how I’ll alter each room in the house. We’re renting so we won’t be able to change it massively, but I would like to put our own stamp on it as much as possible.

Whilst the house is relatively clean and tidy, I thought I’d take the opportunity to snap a few pictures and share what it currently looks like with you.

Here’s the bathroom. It’s really tricky to photograph because it is so pokey.




It doesn’t help that the back of our house doesn’t seem to get much light (or not at any of the times I’ve checked, anyway) and the bathroom window is narrow. The kitchen has the same problem (it’s also at the back of the house), the window is high and the little light that that side of the house does get struggles to filter through. Oh well.

I really like the (tiny) nods to vintage style in this room. This teacup once had a candle in it and once it burnt out I just filled it with a tea light. The soap dish (opposite the teacup) was a charity shop find. I made the glittery toothbrush glass myself using a cheap supermarket tumbler and some glitter paint, I’m quite happy with how it turned out and will be glitter-izing more household items in the near future.


These toilet roll covers were knitted by my great grandma. She gave them to my grandma and granddad and every time I visited their house I’d love looking at them. A couple of years ago my grandma was going to get rid of them but my dad told her he thought I’d want to keep them. Phew! He was right! I love them! Hilariously (or disgustingly), they make me want to buy expensive toilet paper. Their skirts look much better all padded out with luxury look roll. I always feel sad when I see the girls’ skirts looking sad and baggy because they’re hiding a roll of Tesco Value…


 I want to keep the vintage feel moving forwards and change the art on the walls for something more in keeping with the very basic decorations I have already. I love how kitsch the loo roll ladies are so I’ll be keeping my eye out for bright and slightly over the top items. The frames on the walls right now were there when we moved in, they aren’t too bad but together with the beige walls they just wash the whole room out.



My plan is to paint the walls a soft grey and have lots of colourful framed pictures to brighten the room.

I’m such an impatient person, I wish I could do it all now and just have the room exactly as I want it. The bathroom is my main priority because I like to have a long, relaxing bath almost every night (I listen to podcasts in there, so in a way I am multitasking rather than being lazy) and it will be even better when the room is looking lovely.



Let me know what you think!

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