Style: Sunday Style #1



I’ll apologise right now for my face in all the photos in this post. I was for the most part barking instructions at Anthony, who was stood in the garden with bare feet and dressed in pyjamas, shivering. These are the best of a very small, very bad bunch. You can see what I’m wearing, which is the main thing, just stick a post-it over my head and you’ll be fine. No nightmares here.


I love this outfit. I’ve had all the individual pieces for ages now but only just thought of putting them together (I love it when that happens, it feels like you’ve been shopping).

Anyway, this is really comfy to wear for lounging around the house, which is basically all I do on a Sunday, but it still feels like I’ve made an effort and looks sort of put-together.Image

*Trousers: Miss Selfridge

*Shirt: Miss Selfridge

*Jumper: George

*Unphotogenic face: All mine


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