Monday Blues Banishers #4




I usually try and get these out before 9am so that I (and anyone who reads along) can start Monday with some cheering thoughts in mind.

Today, that hasn’t happened, but there are still plenty of things to be cheery about that I wanted to share with you.

1)      It’s grocery shopping day! I’m usually digging my heels in about going to the supermarket (is there anything more boring?) but today I am completely up for the challenge. That may have a lot to do with there being no eggs or yoghurt in the house (my staples). I’m going to write a basic week-long menu and select a few hearty and healthy recipes before I venture out to prevent me from returning with six carrier bags full of Yeo Valley Greek Yoghurt and Morrison’s Organic Coffee (best coffee ever, have you tried it?). I love planning what I’m going to eat for the week, so many good intentions. Ha!

2)      Speaking of coffee – Pret serve organic coffee!! Is this news to anyone but me? I was completely unaware until last week when I hurried into one to avoid the rain and noticed the sign. I’m so glad I didn’t choose the Starbucks across the street. Now they just need to start serving organic food, no one’s fooled by the ‘natural’ label on everything, Pret.

3)      Series 4 of Boardwalk Empire – I love it. When I say BWE is all that Anthony and I have watched for the past three weeks I am not exaggerating. Usually it’s a chore for me to watch so many episodes of a show in such a short space of time and Anthony has to sort of force me to sit down and get things watched, even if I really enjoy them, but with Boardwalk Empire I CAN’T WAIT FOR EACH NEW EPISODE. It is almost unhealthy. We’ve just started series 4 and I expect to be done with it by the end of the week.

4)      A group of fat wood pigeons have started visiting the bird table in our back garden. I’m so pleased, for ages and ages I’ve been putting bread on the table in the hope of enticing a few birds but none have come! I was confused because each time I went to put the bread on the table I could hear all these little birds chirping excitedly in the tree directly behind. Then I’d go back inside and watch from a window and none would come out and eat the bread. Very disappointing. We do get a lot of local cats in our garden, we don’t have a pet so I think our property is a sort of no man’s land for the neighbourhood’s domestic animals. I wondered if the birds were scared because of that. Or there’s also a scruffy Jack Russell from the garden that backs directly onto ours and it patrols across the wall barking at least once a day. It hasn’t ever ventured down to ground level but I expect it is gathering courage. Anyway, I’m happy these fat wood pigeons are brave enough and are enjoying all our crusts.

5)      My aunty is visiting this week and is bringing her three little ones. I am very excited to play games, glue pieces of paper to other pieces of paper and watch Cbeebies.

What’s cheering you up this week?


Let me know what you think!

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