Health: Clean & Lean Update #4


Let me just say that this has not been my cleanest, nor my leanest week. I had toast for breakfast. White toast, with margarine and jam. I’m having pizza for dinner, homemade but still full of white flour and sugar and chemicals.


A healthier breakfast from the start of the week

What’s gone wrong? Well, a heady mixture of stress and boredom and bad planning. And laziness. An abundance of laziness. I don’t even think I can give you an update on this week’s clean and lean happenings, because there haven’t been any… unless you count the 8 minute exercise regime I followed last night which you shouldn’t because it was mainly stretching and for part of it I was lying on my bed. If the crew of a wildlife TV show were to have observed me this week they would have assumed I was conserving energy and stockpiling calories prior to a long winter hibernation.

Maintaining a clean and lean lifestyle really is all in the planning. It is for me, anyway. If I don’t have the right foods in the house then it is all too easy to let the wish for convenience creep in and the next thing I know I’m slotting nutrient-void white bread into the toaster and drinking non-organic tea like a builder. This week has made me realise the importance of meal plans and shopping lists and being prepared. I know I need to carve out some time for an exercise routine and meal prepping. Falling off the wagon like this shows me that I have to keep myself accountable for my health. It’s hard to make the right choices all the time. Of course it’s easier to snack on biscuits that are already in the cupboard rather than boil an egg, or go to the shop for vegetables, or fruit. Yes, it is simpler to sit and watch TV rather than go for a run. But, in the end you will just end up back where you started – fat, frustrated and unhealthy – and all the dedication you put in at the start, all the spinach-based breakfasts and spinning classes, will mean nothing. You’ll have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I’m not going to beat myself up about this any more than I already have. I have been feeling quite disappointed and guilty at myself all week. Tomorrow I will just pick up with the healthiness as if I never fell off the wagon in the first place and renew my efforts. Why not now? I know, ‘tomorrow’ is the dieter’s favourite word. You’ll all just have to trust me on this one, today is a write off.

I think it’s OK to veer off course every once in a while as long as you get back on track as soon as possible. I hope I have a more positive and inspiring update next week!

Have you had struggles staying on track? I’d love to hear from you if you have.




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