Monday Blues Banishers #5




Happy Monday! Did everyone have a lovely weekend? We did, although I can’t help but feel guilty for how little we achieved. We stayed up late each night (4am late – I know, I thought those days were over too) but don’t worry, we weren’t dancing and frolicking into the early hours, we were talking about Boardwalk Empire and playing Pokemon. My ability to spend several hours in a row playing Pokemon Black on my DS is how I know I’m not ready to have children or own a home yet… haha.

Back to Boardwalk Empire – last night we finished season 4 and OH MY GOD. I am so sad. I didn’t cry but honestly, I have felt all out of sorts and sorry for myself since the last episode ended (both because of what happens and because the season ended and now I have to wait for more prohibition era fun). Any BWE fans out there? I just love, love, love it. It’s so satisfying.

Let’s stop beating around the bush, I know what you all came here for: small rays of sunshine that are making me smile and might make you smile too. Here we go:

1)      The sunshine this morning. It was incredible. When the weather starts getting better I feel all inspired to slip my trainers on and go running, and go for long, directionless walks. I can’t wait to go for some walks, partly because I have loads of The Archers omnibuses on my phone (walking audio of choice) and partly because I don’t know the area around my house very well (we moved in September) and I’d like to explore. Also, if this weather continues we’ll be drying our laundry on the washing line regularly which I just know you’re all as excited as I am for (YAY FRESH SMELLING CLOTHES).

2)      Don’t judge me but: I beat the Elite Four on Pokemon Black this weekend and now I can go back through the game and catch all the new (but old) pokemon that I couldn’t see before. I love all the cute, baby-faced ones, not so keen on this Zekrom dragon guy who’s joined my party but sure, tag along, you don’t really fit in with my ‘cute and fluffy’ theme but whateverrrrrr, Dragon Breath.

3)      I have lots of fresh recipe inspiration this week and I can’t wait to get cooking. Last night I made homemade ramen based on a recipe from this post on food52. It’s something I’d never even considered cooking before but it was delicious and a nice change to my usual repertoire. It was hot and comforting without being stodgy like my usual go-to warming up foods (shepherds pie).

4)      I found lots of new blogs via the Sometimes Sweet Journal Day link up (check out my post, here). I can’t wait to see what everyone writes this week and just get familiar with the blogs in general.

5)      I have a few writing projects underway and I’m happy to have something keeping me productive. It’s so much easier to write when you have a deadline and a goal to work towards.

What’s making you smile this Monday?


Let me know what you think!

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