Style: Sunday Style #2 (recipe for getting out of your pit)






It’s spring! We made it! I suddenly want to wear pastel colours and floaty skirts but it is still really, really chilly (or it is where I am anyway). I’m sure many of you can sympathize. Yesterday the weather was absolutely glorious and I went for a walk into the nearest town without a coat (I was wearing a jumper, scarf and gloves, but still – no bulky coat). It felt very good to get outside and blow a few of the cobwebs away.

I love this cropped jumper and I wear it all the time. It’s washed well to say it’s from Primark. The skirt is actually a dress, my graduation dress in fact, and it’s from a little shop in Falmouth called Secrets which I miss every day of my life spent in Manchester. I can’t remember what the make of the dress is and it is so old now that the label has worn and is illegible. I wore my trusty Zara ankle boots with this outfit because I am so tired of wearing my trusty Zara knee boots and I’m not yet ready to venture into non-boot territories at this moment. My necklace is from Forever 21. I’m trying to make an effort to wear more jewelry but my stockpile is low and I’m simultaneously  trying to not spend any unnecessary pennies. It’s a hard life I lead.   

I have been so lazy and lethargic this week. I feel like I’ve hardly done anything productive. I didn’t even take the photos above, they are actually from last Sunday! I’ve spent a lot of time sitting down, wishing I was doing something important or necessary, or even fun but then not doing anything about it. Do you ever get like that? I do it all the time. It’s a vicious circle, I get so lazy that I become too  lazy to break out of my laziness. Then at some point down the line I start feeling really disgusting and I become aware of how much time I’ve wasted and I become further paralyzed by guilt, by the time that that has happened, I usually become conscious of the state of the house… I don’t know about you but I cannot do anything productive unless my surroundings are in tiptop condition. 

That’s why I’ve been so quiet on the blog – I was crippled by lethargy and guilt and stacks of grotty washing up. Today however, I woke up and thought ‘no more’! I can’t fritter my life away wearing a onesie and watching Toddlers in Tiaras. What I usually do in these mad moments is throw myself into the deep end. I make a mammoth to-do list of chores and rules and an hour in I run out of steam and rest my poor lazy-bones on the settee for a triple run of Breaking Amish. Today I’m going to try gently easing myself back into productive life. I’ve made an all encompassing to-do list for the next two weeks but I’m not going to beat myself up about not tackling that today. 

Here’s my recipe for getting myself out of my pit (of laziness).

1) I’m going to have a bath and in the bath I’m going to listen to a Woman’s Hour or Desert Island Discs podcast so I can ever so gently ease myself away from Honey BooBoo and towards current events and the real world. 

2) Then I’ll get dressed in actual clothes, not lounge wear, blow dry my hair and put make up on. I wish I was one of these people who can get things done in pyjamas and a ponytail but I am not. If I get dressed that’s usually half the battle.

3) I’ll do one cleaning task. Probably washing up. Sure, I could attempt to do more but if I pile on too much I’m likely to get overwhelmed. If my aim is to do the washing up I will usually get carried away and blitz the whole kitchen.

4) Get some fresh air. It’s looking a bit gloomy right now so I might not risk a full on walk but getting some fresh air really helps me feel motivated. Perhaps I’ll just have a cup of tea in the garden right now to inspire me for the rest for the afternoon!

I know these tips are silly, but I usually find each of the individual items really helpful when I get into a lazy rut. I’ve never actively tried combining them for ultimate success but I’ll let you know how I get on. Right, now to pop that kettle on.

Happy Sunday everyone!


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