Monday Blues Banishers #6


Good morning!

It’s spring. We made it. We all survived the scratchy jumpers and cold sores and sensible footwear of winter. I for one can’t wait for it to warm up enough for pastel cardigans, sandals and hairstyles that can’t be destroyed by the wind as soon as I step outside my front door. Since I live in Britain this probably won’t happen for me unless I go on holiday to warmer climes. Spring still feels like a relief though, as similar to winter as it is in these parts. I think it has something to do with all (or most of) the Bank Holidays falling in spring.


An example of the scrapes we got into last spring. More to come. Watch this space.

Just to give you an update on yesterday’s post (here), I had a brilliant and guilt-free evening spent out of my pit of laziness. The first tip I followed was to have a cup of tea in my back garden. This simple act got me up and about like an actual normal productive person. I had not been sat outside for more than a minute when I realised I could multitask and take out all the recycling that had piled up in the kitchen, and the food waste bin, to the bins which are kept in the back garden. After I’d done that I realised I could restock the bird table (this was after seeing a hungry wood pigeon looking forlornly at the empty table). Following that I thought I might as well just go crazy and peg out some washing. The fresh air got me energised and once I did one task I realised what a big lazy baby I was being about everything and just got on with all the jobs I could do in that area. It made me realise more than ever how important it is just to get outside and blow the cobwebs away.

Today I woke up before my alarm feeling energised and ready to tackle the day. It helps that it’s sunshiney (still freeeeeezing though).  Anyway, here are a few reasons that I’m smiling this morning:

1)      Yoghurt, walnuts and banana for breakfast. I really do love yoghurt. It is my favourite dessert, breakfast and snack. Yoghurt doesn’t love me, so I don’t eat it that often, but when I do, I’m happy.

2)      Pinterest craft projects. I’ve been pinning easy but rewarding craft projects all weekend. I am terrible for starting projects and then never completing them but I think that some of these are so easy that I’ll finish them without really trying. I want to set aside more time for craft, I always enjoy it when I do it but it doesn’t come to me naturally to start knitting, sewing or hot glue-gunning when I have a spare hour of two.

3)      Gym classes. I definitely need the shame of working out next to a dozen ladies who look like Aerobics Barbie to ensure that I perform to the very best of my exercising capabilities. Gym classes are the perfect way for me to avoid slacking off and treating myself to a forty minute stroll on the treadmill. This week I have a class booked for almost every day. Today is spinning, tomorrow is yoga, then there’s more spinning and I’ll be heralding in the weekend with a painful-sounding ‘core workout’ on Friday. Hopefully this week will kick start my fitness regime and I can finally get back on track.

4)      Reading. I finally settled on a book I felt in the mood to read. I had been forcing myself to read Gorillas in the Mist for the past couple of months. I’m only about sixty pages in and although I do want to read it, now just is not the right time, I’m not in the mood at all. I had been sporadically browsing our bookshelves and always came away feeling dissatisfied because there was nothing that took my fancy. Last night I picked up a book that was piled on top of a shelf of orderly stacked books, pages facing out so that I couldn’t see the spine and as I went to get it I thought ‘I hope this is Bonfire of the Vanities’. It was likely because it was a hefty tome. And it was! Even if it hadn’t been, I would have just hunted for Bonfire of the Vanities since my subconscious had revealed that was exactly what I wanted to read. Thanks Subconscious, but could you not have done this before I trekked up the Virungas with Dian Fossey (mentally, of course)?!

5)      Pegging out. I’ve touched on this (maybe more than once) in previous posts (I’m a riot) – but I love how this improved weather is allowing me to dry my laundry on the washing line. When we moved out of our grubby first floor flat one of the main reasons was so that we could have a garden. My secret main reason was so that I could have a washing line. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing is more satisfying than sniffing a big armful of line-dried clothes. I hate how damp and slightly sweaty everything can smell when it’s been dried on radiators indoors. Plus I feel like a real true to life grown up with my peg bag and my laundry basket.

What’s making you smile this week?


Let me know what you think!

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