Home: Our Living Room (Currently)


This is my favourite room in the house. It was pretty much as you see it when we moved in, we just added our own furniture and a few decorations.

The colour of the walls in this room are actually one of the main reasons I wanted to moved into the house. After living in a cream and brown flat this room seemed so bright and cosy. I love our settee. Our old flat was furnished so one of the draws of moving was that we’d be able to get our own furniture. The settee was the most important as the tiny Ikea ones at our flat had been so uncomfortable. Every time I sit down on this settee I thank the Lord and DFS for making it possible for us to watch a film without moaning about neck pain.





I still want to change the curtains, possibly change the rug (although I think Anthony will put up a good fight to keep it), and change the cabinet that the TV is on for something a bit lighter. 

I want to create a gallery wall on the chimney breast. I love the framed otter and badger and the British flowers clock – so I think a theme of British wildlife would work perfectly.

The nesting tables are convenient but a little worse for wear. I’m building up the courage (and knowledge) to sand and paint them.







I also want to update our scatter cushions. We have a couple of Habitat ones which are lovely and a couple of hand me downs, which although they are nice enough (and luckily match our colour scheme) have seen better days.

I think with a bit of attention and a small budget this room could be perfect.


Let me know what you think!

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