Home: Our Kitchen Currently




It seems that Anthony and I are destined to forever cope with the hell of cooking in absolutely tiny kitchens. The kitchen in our old flat was minuscule, we couldn’t even fit a rubbish bin in it and there was only enough counter space for a chopping board and a couple of appliances. In fact, when you opened some cupboard doors they knocked into other cupboard doors or the fridge meaning that some cupboards were basically inaccessible causing a lot of precious space to be wasted.

When we initially came to view this house the kitchen was still small but it seemed massive compared to the kitchen in the flat. There’s plenty of counter space, lots of cupboard space and the fridge lives in the hallway so that gives us extra room..but it’s still narrow and that causes problems. The biggest problem is appliances, or specifically, where to keep our appliances! I think that if you don’t have your blender/processor/steamer/pizza stone out and ready to go you are unlikely to use it, it just gets left gathering dust (and that strange sticky gunk which is peculiar to kitchens) at the back of a cupboard.

In the future I hope to get some baskets and shelves for under our counter which doesn’t have cupboards. This will create much needed storage space. I also want to hang some hooks on the wall so I can store utensils and pans. 



I dream of having herbs growing in the kitchen window but this window does not seem to get any sunlight. Budding gardeners of the blogesphere…is there anything I can grown in this semi-dark, humid environment?



Pictured above are my two favourite areas of the kitchen – the coffee station and the cocktail station! I want to upgrade my filter machine to something with a milk-frother so I can make unhealthily delicious lattes. I’d like to get hold of a vintage bar cart for the dining room to store all my ingredients and glasses on…I’ve been keeping an eye out but each time I find something I like it’s either out of my price range or at a time when I need to be sensible with my cash (I always need to be sensible with my cash, booorrrring).

That’s about it for the kitchen. I’m struggling for inspiration and excitement when it comes to this room to be honest, partly because it’s so tiny and partly because it’s always the messiest room in the house. That doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be a fun part of the house, I want it to look nice and be functional because I spend a lot of time in there. Any ideas? I’d love to hear them.


Let me know what you think!

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