Hurtling Towards the Weekend!


My first week of real work at my new job has been tiring (but mercifully quick). Not really because of the work itself but because I had to get into the swing of a new shift pattern, and therefore a new life pattern. I think I’ve got the routine down now though and thought I’d overshare it with you all in case some poor soul is ever in a similar pickle.


Today I had a plate of custard creams for breakfast. It’s that bad.


Firstly, my shift starts at 15.00 and it takes us an hour to get to the office. We set off at about 13.30 because that way it’s likely we can park in the free car park. Once we get to work at 14.30 we just sit and have a coffee so it isn’t so bad.

I’ve experimented all week and I think the best time to wake up is at about 10.00 – this gives me enough morning time to do a bit of cleaning and laundry, a bit of whatever I fancy, pack a ‘lunch’ for work and get myself ready. Yesterday I eschewed this routine for waking up at 07.45 to get to a 09.00 hair appointment, returning home at 11.00 and then drinking so much coffee at work that I didn’t get to sleep until 02.00. As a result, today I woke up at 11.00, but hey, it’s Friday and nothing really matters (dress down day).

I aim to make the ‘before work’ portion of my day as productive and useful as possible. That means I might just clean and do chores until it’s time to get ready and go. This works wonderfully for me though. When I worked 09.00-17.00 I was always too tired to do much housework when I got home on a week night and I would let it all pile up until the weekend which made the weekends not so much fun. This way, every day I go to work knowing I’ve done all (or most) of my tasks for that day. When I get home at about 00.00 I can just veg out in front of the TV for a couple of hours before bed.

One place where we’re not doing so well is food! Budget and health wise I want to be making my own food for work and ensuring that that food is clean and healthy but… I haven’t planned meals well at all and I haven’t been to the supermarket for a while meaning I’ve just been throwing together some toxin-packed white bread cheese sarnies and crisps and vowing I’ll get it together by Monday. Today I had a plate of custard creams for breakfast. It really has gotten that bad.

Aside from the negatives (all of them my own doing), I’m really enjoying having my work in the evening. I’m a morning person, that’s the time I feel at my best and of course, I’d rather be at my best in my own time than in anyone else’s.


Let me know what you think!

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