The Weekend in Review #1




This weekend has been a good one. And, by my standards, pretty bloody busy. I usually spend both Saturday and Sunday glued to the TV or cleaning, but in either case I wear pyjamas for most of the time and never venture further than the supermarket to purchase an emergency bottle of milk.

This weekend, in comparison has been jam-packed. I met Bryony and Lisa for lunch in Folk, Didsbury on Saturday (pretty bizarre service, but good food and a nice glass of house red) and then for a drink in The Met (expensive, awful glass of house red, why do we insist on going back again and again?) but at least the company was first rate and it was nice to be somewhere other than home or work or the confines of the car. Each time we get together it reminds me that we really should get together more often. That’s just life though isn’t it? Busy, busy, busy and before you know it, it’s Christmas!  Of course I didn’t take any photos despite having my camera in my handbag … maybe I’m just not meant to be a blogger? The jury is still out.

Saturday evening Anthony cooked some lamb chops with mash and veg (delicious). It was the first proper meal we had eaten in around a week and it was so, so welcome. Getting used to our new shift pattern had really taken it out of us and so we’d just been eating refined-sugary nonsense food and drinking far too much coffee. On Saturday evening we went to the supermarket and bought lots of healthy food that will be quick to prepare (hello, seabass) so we shouldn’t get into quite such a mess this week. It just goes to show how important it is to eat right. Eating the wrong thing can have huge implications in every aspect of your life. I for one feel 500 per cent better when I eat and drink well and it’s important to keep that in mind at 6pm on a Thursday when I’m craving a Twix. I’m looking forward to a clean and lean week ahead.

Today I woke up early by any standards, but even earlier when you factor in that we magically lost an hour when the clocks went forwards! My Auntie Lisa came to collect me and drive me back home so I could make a fuss over my mum for Mother’s Day (whilst Lisa went to make a fuss over my grandma for Mother’s Day – it’s very convenient that Auntie Lisa lives in Didsbury, can drive, and is an attentive daughter because had she not suggested I go with her I may well have posted my mum a card and just dedicated a sickening ‘I love you mummy’ Facebook status to the woman who brought me into this world).

Anyway, I got to take my mum some flowers and a card and then she suggested I accompanied her to Aldi. Well, how could I refuse? I love a bargain and I also love comparing other people’s local supermarkets to the ones I frequent myself. Her Aldi is bigger and has a much wider selection of fruit and veg. Plus, I picked up some Batiste Dry Shampoo whilst I was there – I have never noticed any Batiste at my Aldi. Also whilst I was there I picked up some chocolate Easter bunnies for my little cousins and dropped them off at my grandma’s house before I left so they can collect them when they visit next week (I am so organised and thoughtful).

I was back home by twelve and Anthony had only just woken up so the early start was most certainly worth it because it felt like I still had my whole day ahead of me to relax and catch up on the telly. As if to throw a massive spanner in the works my eyes started streaming and stinging and it became obvious that I was suffering from hay fever. This is rubbish – I hardly ever get hay fever, certainly never in March, and if I do it would normally comprise of a couple of sneezes and a vaguely watery eye. Not today. Today I was forced to venture out for antihistamines. Since one o’clock I have been dozing and complaining to Anthony and waiting for my bloody eyes to stop burning with the fury of a thousand suns. About half an hour ago I started to feel marginally better and that brings me right to this very second in which I’m drinking a mug of green tea and listening to Sam Cooke.

I know I shouldn’t whinge really, because so many people have much worse allergies, but Christ alive I have missed the entirety of the fun part of my Sunday and now I feel better with just enough time left to squeeze in all my boring cleaning jobs and a couple of loads of laundry. Waaaaaaaa.

So there you have it – a rollercoaster weekend of dizzying highs and plummeting lows in the quiet life of Kirsty Hampshaw. What have you been up to this weekend? Has the pollen count made a monkey out of you too?


Let me know what you think!

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