Monday Blues Banishers #7


I’m trying to spend as much time in the garden as possible, even if it’s just sitting in the doorway drinking tea.


Good morning!

I don’t know how you’ve all been coping without my Monday Blues Banishers to provide the start of your week with a little sunshine, so without further yapping, here are five things that have me smiling this morning.

1)      Tea. Specifically Morrisons own brand Citrus and Ginseng Sling which is a refreshing grapefruity concoction and Morrisons own brand Aromatic Green Tea. I’m glad I’ve found a budget brand of herbal teas that actually taste nice. I am not a fan of Twinings at all, I find them really bland and I don’t like the packaging (yep, I went there), and although I like Clipper teas they can be a little bit pricey if there isn’t an offer on. This week I’m going to try and cut my coffee consumption and use these teas to put a (much needed) spring in my step.


2)      Brazil nuts. This week’s snack of choice. They are filling and tasty and good for you.



3)      New work outs. This week I’ll be jogging, doing a spot of Youtube yoga in the comfort of my own home and attending Pilates, Body Pump and Core classes at the gym. The better weather has inspired me to be more active. I’m especially looking forward to Pilates – hands down my favourite form of exercise.


4)      Freshly painted nails. I love waking up on Monday morning with freshly manicured nails (nail painting is a Sunday night ritual). This week I have gone for bright pink to put me in a sunny mood. I won’t subject you to a photo of my hands, they are inelegant and stumpy (hey, we can’t all be super models).


5)      Finally, a spot of cheese. My musical taste is impeccable. Listen now thank me later.



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