Happy Easter! Can you all briefly reach consciousness from your Easter egg comas to read this post? Well you should because I’m going to give you five reasons why I’m smiling this Monday and they might make you crack a grin too (although I won’t lie, if the day off work and the chocolate eggs and bunnies aren’t doing it for you already, you are perhaps a lost cause).



1)      Sunshine! It’s a beautiful morning where I am and later on today I’m going to go outdoors and enjoy it, but until then: gorging on chocolate in my onesie.

2)      Four day weekend. I wish every weekend was four or even three days long. Two is too short. We need time to do some lazing, something productive and something fun (that’s the perfect balance – and two days doesn’t give you enough time to cram all those aspects in). I’m so glad with have two further bank holidays to look forward to in May to ease the pain of my looking back on around this time last year when me and Anthony were in Italy.

3)      I entered a couple of races! That’s right. I do always jump in at the deep end. I was getting tired of my suffering fitness levels and decided I needed some motivation – I have signed up for a 5k and a 10k over the summer. I’m going to document my training here on the blog as I go along. I’m so excited.

4)      Getting back into reading. I’m so happy to be my usual bookworm self again. I talked about my reading drought recently in this post.

5)      The hashtag #pinterestfails on Instagram. I will admit that I’m late to the party on this one but when I discovered it yesterday evening I couldn’t help laughing out loud at everyone’s attempts at those Easter bunny bread rolls that many pinners had proclaimed were ‘so simple’ – the failed attempts were deformed bunnies or all merged together on the baking tray. I just loved that it was the same Easter themed fail across the board. I can’t wait to check back at Christmas!

Monday Blues Banishers #10


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