Monday Blues Banishers #11




Good morning!

How were your weekends? Mine was glorious.

I did just enough cleaning and exercise to feel productive without feeling hard done by. I made a Mexican bean soup so that I had some food prepped for the week ahead (I’ll sort the rest of the week’s meals out this morning since I don’t leave for work until half past one). I did a food shop so that the fridge and cupboards are stocked with healthy ingredients. I blogged. I got dressed on both days which is usually unheard of.

Buuut, I also managed to squeeze in a bottle of wine, watching films with Anthony, listening to The Archers omnibus (outrageous, tut tut Tom Archer), the Eastenders omnibus (oh, Ian! Why is the world so cruel to you?), a long soak in a bubble bath, two lie ins and an episode of that rubbish but ever so compelling period drama on BBC 1. Whew. Equal parts exhausting and amazing.

Here are some reasons I’ll be smiling this Monday…

1)      We are inching ever closer to another bank holiday! If you’ve read this blog even once before, or met me, or maybe just seen me in the distance on a crowded train then you will without a doubt know that bank holidays are my absolute favourite.

2)      Mad Men! (and to a lesser extent, Game of Thrones) They are back and they are providing us with something to watch every Monday night (or early Tuesday mornings in my case). After we finished The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and series four of Boardwalk Empire life felt a little bit empty. I’m glad we have a couple of programmes to watch regularly again, although if truth be told I could just watch The Sopranos on a loop and ignore the rest. Well, maybe I couldn’t ignore Don Draper and all the fabulous clothes in Mad Men but some episodes are just bleurghhhhh and Peggy drives me nuts.

3)      New clothes. I treated myself to some new (but very budget friendly) clothes from Boohoo on payday and they arrived on Saturday. I was in desperate need of a new dress and the one I chose with a lovely daisy print did not disappoint. I can’t wait to wear it this week.

4)      Old clothes. I delved deep into my wardrobe and found loads of old gems I’d forgotten about. I keep meaning to rotate all the clothes in my wardrobe so that I wear them all, or at least see them occasionally…but I always forget and end up wearing the same few outfits to death. If I did rotate them I wouldn’t be able to find a four year old cardigan wedged at the very back and feel like I’d treated myself, so maybe this way is better. I can’t wait to wear my cardigan this week!

5)      My bedroom is clean and tidy. This made a huge difference to how well I slept last night. I feel like a new woman today! My bedroom is usually the last room I get round to cleaning as mostly the mess is clutter and clothes and nothing so pressing as the disgusting food coated plates stacked up in the kitchen. Yesterday I tidied away all the clutter and the room is now lovely and peaceful.


Let me know what you think!

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