Food: Ed’s Easy Diner




Anthony and I were in London far too early on Thursday morning and for far too boring a reason. The weather was absolutely awful and I had no umbrella or hood on my coat, because I don’t plan well. We’d left the house at 04.30am that morning to get a train and then for financial reasons were going to have to put up with a five hour coach journey back to Manchester, not returning until 21.30pm that evening.

The prospect of the whole miserable, rainy, long day stretched out in front of us as soon as we got off the train at Euston. We were tired, and hungry and desperate for coffee and shelter.


Enter Ed’s Diner. I’ve seen a few on my travels but never called in before. It provided us with everything we were looking for at that moment in time. And some very loud 50’s tunes to boot (I don’t think music needs to be that loud at 07.30am).

It was easily the best and yummiest part of our day. I’d go as far as saying my scrambled eggs on toast gave me the strength to power on through having only had four hours sleep.


Everything went downhill from here. Due to the rain we ended up just sitting in the coach station for shelter after we did everything we had to. Had it been sunny we might have explored London a bit, but it was just too miserable. In the coach station we saw a fat, scraggly pigeon that was obviously almost dead. And that, my friends sums up the rest of our day.

But breakfast was good, very good.



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