Health: Running Like a Girl #2



Confession: I have only completed two runs this week. I know, I’m typing this from the box of shame, don’t you worry! My excuses are thus: I was meant to run on Thursday but I was either on public transport or in London for all the daylight hours. Once I got home it was dark and I had been awake for approximately 18 hours. On Friday I was tired from Thursday’s exertions. Yesterday I meant to run but I had a headache so I went to ‘lie down’, four hours later I woke up feeling just peachy but it was dark ( I can’t run in the area where I live after dark. It’s not the Wild West or anything but I do think drunk teenagers would throw stones at me, or at the very least snigger).

That’s all fine, I said to myself, it’s a three day weekend, I can run Sunday and Monday and still have done three runs… then I realised that my running for next week would start on Tuesday so I’d be running three days without rest. I have just decided that this week will have to be a two run week and I’ll just have to stop feeling guilty about it.

Tuesday’s run was good. A little background on my training plan, I was loosely following a sped-up version of the couch to 5K plan but for one reason or another it didn’t suit me. I decided just to keep running/walking 5K each time I train and to focus on progressing to more running, less walking and eventually running faster over time. I find that this method is working really well for me. On Tuesday everything felt easier and I felt less bored than I had on past runs. I could feel that my body was getting used to the physical exertion and I was quite pleased with my progress.

Today’s run was also good, although it was really humid and I felt a bit stuffy which wasn’t extremely helpful. Today I ran a whole mile without walking and the stretches I did walk for were shorter and fewer and further between than in last week’s runs. Also, a man in a car honked me, as if I wasn’t already dying of shame from dragging my massive be-leggined arse up the hill towards my house he had to remind me that other people are watching and judging. Thanks guy!

Not a bad week, if I do say so myself. I don’t want to push myself too far too fast but I would love to be able to run the whole 5K without walking or vomiting in about two weeks’ time.

I’ve been using Pinterest to motivate myself to get up and do my exercise – there’s some excellent motivating stuff on there as long as you remember to actually exercise rather than just sit on the sofa and re-pin snappy quotes or photos of colourful trainers. One of my aunties is also slimming so it’s nice to have some text support from someone who’s going through the same thing. This week I want to incorporate some cross-training on my rest days, I am thinking some weights and a bit of Youtube yoga.

Any online fitness video recommendations?


Let me know what you think!

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