Photo an Hour


I’ve always been intrigued by photo-an-hour posts and this weekend I decided to have a try at one for myself. The results are…preeeetty boring because I don’t really do anything but I’m going to submit you to a blow by blow account of what I did on Sunday nonetheless!

09.00am I woke up and decided to lie in bed for an hour, basking in the endless feeling of the bank holiday weekend.


10.00am COFFEE. I decided to make myself a milky coffee, which is odd because I don’t like milk. Sure enough, I had to throw the milky coffee down the sink and start again, this time strong coffee with a splash of milk.



11.00am Time for my run. I was actually quite excited for this run because it was sunny and I felt really energetic (which is a rarity). Can I just say that I hate these trainers, I think they make my feet look like they belong to a six year old, but a new pair of fancy trainers are so far down my ‘things to buy when I have money’ list that I think I will just have to make do for the foreseeable.


12.00pm I return from my run out of breath and sweaty. I have to sit in the back garden taking big gulps of fresh air and cooling down so that I don’t vomit. Once I stop feeling pukey I appreciate how sunny it is and contemplate mowing the lawn.


13.00pm Showertime. I also plan what to wear. I’m not going anywhere but I still think it’s important to my self-esteem to get dressed, so I pick something slouchy (I love my new kimono jacket). I treat myself to a day sans bra and sans make-up which is why I haven’t treated you to a photo of me.



13.30pm CLEANING. I decide to clean two rooms. I pick the bedroom and living room (they are the least messy to begin with). I contemplate dealing with the hallway. Me and Hetty decide to leave that for another time, like when hell freezes over! Instead I do loads of laundry and just close my eyes when I enter the kitchen so I can’t die of disgust at all the grime.





14.00pm LUNCHTIME. Anthony cooked an amazing beef pepperpot stew on Saturday evening and we eat the leftovers for lunch. It is even more delicious a day after. I hope this dish becomes a regular in the Marley-Hampshaw household.


15.00pm Tea and film time. We watched so many films over the bank holiday weekend. I think we started with Tyrannosaur.



18.00pm WE OPENED THE WINE (a bank holiday must). This wine was like £3.80 from Morrisons but it was really nice. I’d certainly drink it again.


19.00pm Anthony cooked another amazing beef dish, this time, pot roast. It was in a red wine sauce and garnished with dill (which I had never considered serving with meat before but it was AMAZING). We watched more films, drank more wine and generally enjoyed being lazy on the sofa. I’m kind of embarrassed to notice that I ate all my meals off that elephant cushion in front of the telly instead of at the table but the dining room was pretty untidy so I will let myself off this once!

036 (2)


There you have it, my photo and hour (sort of). Have you ever tried this? I think it’s really interesting just to see how everyone else uses their time.





Let me know what you think!

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