Monday Blues Banishers #13




Good morning!

How were your weekends? Mine was good. It rained or was overcast for the duration here so I took the opportunity to snuggle up on the sofa and watch Netflix and drink too many cups of tea. I also slept like it was my job. I am completely well rested now.

The rain is continuing into the week in my neck of the woods. In fact, I woke up to glorious sunshine so I ran downstairs to hang some wet washing on the line. That was five minutes ago. It’s now raining. I’m not going out there to rescue it, but I could do with remembering why I should be happy on this Monday:

1)      Desperate Housewives. I’ve been watching the final two seasons because I had watched all the rest years ago and then just given up. It’s the perfect fluffy TV show to binge-watch and even though some parts of it make me cringe I still love it. I’m equal parts embarrassed that this is top of my list and desperate to get to my settee where the next episode is on pause waiting for me.

2)      This American Life. I think I’m late to the party on this one but I don’t care. This American Life is my favourite new podcast, in fact it just got picked up by BBC Radio 4 Extra. I haven’t listened to this week’s yet and I can’t wait to have a bubble bath and put it on.

3)      I’m going to make an exciting (and thrifty) vegetable stew later on. I love having something in a pot I can just reheat at mealtimes.

4)      This time last year I was in Italy with Anthony. I have been loving looking through the photos and remembering what a brilliant time we had (even though it makes me a little sad that we won’t be going on holiday this year).

5)      My nails are long and I filed them so they aren’t all crooked and jagged. Today I’m going to paint them and will probably spend the rest of the day staring at them and saying to myself ‘You’re so grown up and put together’ whilst I watch cartoons in my accidentally bleached cleaning leggings and eskimo slippers.


What’s making you smile today? I’d love to know.


Let me know what you think!

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