Drinks: Simple Summer Cocktail




It’s been so rainy lately. It’s played havoc with my ability to run more than twice (sometimes even once) a week and it’s meant we’ve been cooped up in the house watching too much TV and getting grumpy.

Yesterday the sun came out which meant we could sit in the *slightly* overgrown garden and read.

To bring the fancy level up a couple of notches I made a cocktail (can you call it a cocktail if it only has 1 spirit in it? I will anyway).

I don’t drink half as much as I used to anymore. I hardly ever go out, and I like that. Those days are mostly over and done with for me. And I rarely open a bottle of wine after work these days because of the hours I work. In the past me and Anthony would always have a glass or three with dinner but now the desire just isn’t there. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy an occasional tipple, because I do. I quite like not drinking that much because it means when I do it feels like a real treat. That’s exactly what this cocktail felt like.

This is one of many versions of a simple cocktail I usually make when I’m making a spur of the moment drink and I just have to throw together whatever dregs I have.

I was actually pleasantly surprised that I had such a wide choice of spirits on hand yesterday – I had half a bottle of vodka in the freezer, gin, whiskey, triple sec – this makes me a grown up, no?

Anyway, this particular concoction consisted of: a tiny bit of vodka (I’m old), cloudy lemonade, frozen blueberries (more exciting, and much prettier than, ice cubes), and was garnished with cucumber and strawberry slices. As soon as I had taken some photos I dunked the strawberry and cucumber in my glass because cloudy lemonade and cucumber are a match made in heaven. Yum.


I think this drink would be as good with gin (maybe better, but I fancied a change from my old faithful) and I wish I’d had some fresh mint to hand because that would have made it taste even more sunshiney. Cloudy apple juice works as well as the cloudy lemonade – but it has to be cloudy or else it just doesn’t look as refreshing!


Of course this drink would be just as lovely without the alcohol, in fact, I think I might give it a try today.



Let me know what you think!

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