Monday Blues Banishers #15


AprilMAy Camera 005


Good morning! Did everyone have a fabulous weekend?

It rained a lot here but we did venture out to the library on one day and to the cinema to see Godzilla yesterday evening. Other than that I spent the rest of my time cleaning, reading, eating and watching the good old telly.

Here are five reasons I’m smiling this Monday morning:

1)      Anthony is starting working with me this week! I really enjoy having the exact same schedule as him (so convenient) so working together has never been a problem for us, this time around we won’t even be doing the same work so we won’t be ‘under each other’s feet’ so much, not that we were before. It will certainly be lovely to have him in Glasgow with me, there’s only so much alone-in-a-hotel time I can handle before I go all ‘the shining’.

2)      The train journey to work. I love trains! Long train journeys through the British countryside are so romantic and beautiful, I love to gaze out of the window and daydream or read whilst whizzing past gorgeous scenery. Long train journeys also remind me of the marathon train trips between my mum’s house and university (I went to uni in Cornwall). Sometimes the trip could take nine hours, but looking back on that time of my life makes me feel good and so a long train journey will always bring a smile to my face.

3)      I have plans for Wagamama or Nandos or even both this week. A reason to get out of bed if there ever was one.

4)      The Archers. I have half of last week’s omnibus to catch up on.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been listening to the whole thing in one go whilst cleaning so I’m quite glad to have half left this week to listen too at my  leisure rather than when scrubbing a grotty worktop.

5)      We had a cheese, bread and beer for dinner on Friday and even just thinking back on the creamy cheese, crusty bread and very welcome beer is making me feel happy. I love cheese.

How about you, what’s making you smile today?


Let me know what you think!

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