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Is it Sunday already? I have no idea where this weekend has gone, in fact, the whole week seems to have just whooshed by.

We’re a bit soggy here as on Friday there was a massive thunder storm (which I will admit had me a tiny bit frightened, it was so loud) and since then it’s hardly stopped raining. Sitting inside watching TV is not as good for the soul as lying in the garden reading and eating ice cream and I’m grouchy about it! It doesn’t take long to become accustomed to the good life!

Today I’m trying to embrace the grey weather by wearing slouchy clothes, drinking buckets of tea, curling up on the sofa and watching the Twilight Zone and eating a roast lamb dinner prepared by Anthony. I’ll also be catching up on all the internet I’ve missed by spending most of last weekend outdoors. If you’re in the same grey-weathered boat then here are some odds and ends from the internet that have caught my eye this week:

This post on being kind to yourself from Tiny Paint Pot

I intend to make a bottle of this ginger beer and go off on an adventure like I’m part of the Famous Five

A delicious, healthy, easy dinner recipe (what more could you want?) from Laughing Latte

A couple of months ago I watched a programme about the history of Iceland and now I am obsessed with going there. And Rachel’s post on her visit to the gorgeous Blue Lagoon has only fuelled the fire.

I plan to make these yummy looking gluten free chicken goujons next time I’m craving some Mcnuggets – a much healthier and much tastier option from Lancashire Food


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