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Monday Blues Banishers #20




Good Morning!

I can’t believe that it’s Monday again so soon. I can’t believe it’s almost August. I can’t believe it’s 2014.

I don’t just wander around in a constant state of shock at the nature of time like a gormless simpleton. But it does go really quickly, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because the weekend comes around quickly and bad because the week also comes around quickly, more quickly, if you ask me.

Here are some happy things that I’m going to think on whilst the week whizzes by:

1)      List making. I love making lists, they bring sanity and order to my otherwise unruly mind. I like nothing more than to settle down in front of the telly with a cup of tea and a notebook and scrawl out my needs and goals (need = go food shopping, goal = obtain meaningful reason for existence etc). I like to write obvious things on my lists so that I can never fail. Nothing is sadder than a list of un-ticked tasks. Throw ‘wake up’ and ‘shower’ on there and you will almost never fail. Last night I got in bed and listed away. Today I woke up and showered – if I can tick off two items from my list every morning by next year I’ll be a slim, wealthy, successful person with a dog and a driving licence. Wish me luck!

2)      Netflix. I don’t think we take enough, if any, time to appreciate modern technology and the wonders it works on a daily basis. This weekend I watched Beaches, Street Rats, The Rainmaker and Moonrise Kingdom. That’s 4 films that I had no idea I wanted to watch until I saw them on the menu that I then went on to view from the comfort of my own sofa, pausing whenever the mood struck for a tea or bowl of ice cream. I often wish I was born in Victorian times but I am beginning to change my tune.

3)      Port. An overlooked drink unless it’s Christmas time or you’re a rotund, booming aristocrat with a monocle perhaps. I propose we re-evaluate its merits. I’ll admit that I hadn’t drank it properly until this Christmas (I had drank it as a young teenager because it there was always a bottle lurking in somebody’s parents’ drinks cabinet) but what’s not to like – it’s just strong, sweet red wine. STRONG AND SWEET, the best adjectives that can be used in conjunction with any drink. I had a glass last night because we had a bottle gathering dust from Christmas and I identified a desperate need for wine after the shops were shut. Maybe next time it won’t be a last resort.

4)      New (to me) TV programmes. I watched the first episodes of The Big C and The Bridge this weekend and so far, I like them both very much.

5)      Catching up on The Archers – my slice of rural village life. I wish I lived in Ambridge!


Monday Blues Banishers #14




I don’t know about you lot but I definitely need five reasons to smile this morning. The prospect of a train to Glasgow hanging over my head has not left me feeling chirpy, especially because it’s half term – a dreadful time for all commuters. I like children, I really do, just not on public transport. Can we not just ban them?

However bleak things may look, there are always reasons for cheeriness and here are mine (I’m going to force myself to remember these on the train):

1)      I am one of those people who anticipates the working week with a certain feeling of dread. I like working, but I also like being at home, in my house, with all my things. I chose the house, I chose my things, and I put my things in places of my choosing within the house that I chose. Why wouldn’t I want to be here?! That’s not the point I’m trying to make here though. My point is that my working week is only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. By midday on Thursday I’ll be back on my settee for a looooong weekend of doing stuff I choose with things I choose in the house I chose. Phew.

2)      It’s June. It’s actually the summer now and no one can stop me wearing sandals and floppy sunhats.

3)      I have a general ‘good’ feeling at the moment. Do you ever get that? I feel like there are a lot of possibilities, that I can do anything and that something excellent will happen, soon. This is preferable to the other feeling I get, which makes me think I should just stock up on ice cream and never see another living soul again.

4)      Coconut oil has made my skin HAPPY. Of course I had read millions of blogs and pinterest pins extolling its virtues but I never believed it until I tried it myself. It is now my moisturiser of choice. My purse is happy too because a big jar of coconut oil is £6 which is pricey for a cooking oil when you think olive oil is £3 a bottle…but when you compare it to a teeny-tiny double-walled pot of £20 moisturiser it is quite the economy.

5)      Eastenders. I love the Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline with unabashed passion. I refuse to be embarrassed – Ian Beale forever!





I feel like I haven’t tended to my little patch of the internet for ages. But I promise it’s all been for a good reason. I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and it involves working nights, in Glasgow. So with getting the hang of a new job, being away from home from Monday lunchtime to Thursday morning, and forcing my body (and mind) to become nocturnal there really hasn’t been much time for blogging!

I’m getting more into the swing of things now so expect regular posting to resume over the next couple of weeks. For now, I thought I’d do a little ‘lately’ post like I’ve seen from my elders and betters in the blogging community. I love these sorts of posts because they include lots of details that don’t really fit anywhere else.

Lately I have been:

Loving:  sleeping in my own bed after a couple a nights a week in a hotel room. We got a memory foam mattress last year and now all other beds feel like beds of nails. I’ve been spoilt forever but it does make coming home a joyous occasion.

Reading: Game of Thrones. I’m currently plodding through book 2 after whizzing through book 1. I have watched all the TV series and I knew I wasn’t going to like the books but I also knew I’d have to read them to compare. I don’t like the books but I find them strangely compelling, despite knowing what’s about to happen all the time, make of that what you will.

Watching: Mad Men. This series is so good, I can’t wait for the next one. I love the clothes, the sets, everything.

Eating: Jambon-Beurre sandwiches from Pret. It’s a bit of baguette with loads of butter on it crammed full of ham and cornichons. It’s the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Gotta love the French for using butter as a sandwich filling rather than just a lubricant for bread.

Wanting: A haircut. This brief spell of sunshine we’ve experience has made my hair grow super quick and it’s just hit the awkward shoulder length period. The colour could do with a refresher as well. I wish haircuts lasted longer, they are so expensive that they seem like a luxury when in actual fact they are a necessity.

What about you?



Hurtling Towards the Weekend!


My first week of real work at my new job has been tiring (but mercifully quick). Not really because of the work itself but because I had to get into the swing of a new shift pattern, and therefore a new life pattern. I think I’ve got the routine down now though and thought I’d overshare it with you all in case some poor soul is ever in a similar pickle.


Today I had a plate of custard creams for breakfast. It’s that bad.


Firstly, my shift starts at 15.00 and it takes us an hour to get to the office. We set off at about 13.30 because that way it’s likely we can park in the free car park. Once we get to work at 14.30 we just sit and have a coffee so it isn’t so bad.

I’ve experimented all week and I think the best time to wake up is at about 10.00 – this gives me enough morning time to do a bit of cleaning and laundry, a bit of whatever I fancy, pack a ‘lunch’ for work and get myself ready. Yesterday I eschewed this routine for waking up at 07.45 to get to a 09.00 hair appointment, returning home at 11.00 and then drinking so much coffee at work that I didn’t get to sleep until 02.00. As a result, today I woke up at 11.00, but hey, it’s Friday and nothing really matters (dress down day).

I aim to make the ‘before work’ portion of my day as productive and useful as possible. That means I might just clean and do chores until it’s time to get ready and go. This works wonderfully for me though. When I worked 09.00-17.00 I was always too tired to do much housework when I got home on a week night and I would let it all pile up until the weekend which made the weekends not so much fun. This way, every day I go to work knowing I’ve done all (or most) of my tasks for that day. When I get home at about 00.00 I can just veg out in front of the TV for a couple of hours before bed.

One place where we’re not doing so well is food! Budget and health wise I want to be making my own food for work and ensuring that that food is clean and healthy but… I haven’t planned meals well at all and I haven’t been to the supermarket for a while meaning I’ve just been throwing together some toxin-packed white bread cheese sarnies and crisps and vowing I’ll get it together by Monday. Today I had a plate of custard creams for breakfast. It really has gotten that bad.

Aside from the negatives (all of them my own doing), I’m really enjoying having my work in the evening. I’m a morning person, that’s the time I feel at my best and of course, I’d rather be at my best in my own time than in anyone else’s.

Journal Day #3




I’m joining Danielle of Sometimes Sweet for her Journal Day link up. I’m a bit late in posting this week because I’ve been busy starting a new job (I’ll bore you more about that in a separate post, don’t you worry about that) but I thought it was an interesting prompt and I didn’t want to miss it.

If you had unlimited resources, what political or social issue, or area of scientific or medical exploration would you fund? Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart that you’d put your time, energy, and money into if you had the means? Tell us about it, along with a bit of background explaining where you’re coming from.

There are so many incredibly worthy causes and issues I’d love to lend my time and money to if I had the necessary resources. In preparing for this post, I realised that many of the causes close to my heart were there for selfish (ish) reasons. Issues I feel pulled towards helping to resolve seem to be the very things I’m most scared of. For instance I am terrified of Alzheimer’s and so I feel like if I had the opportunity I would direct my focus towards research into a cure for that. I have a dread of losing a child… not that I have a child…but in the future…it just seems like the worst thing, absolutely unthinkable. So research into sudden infant death and childhood diseases seems like another no brainer, plus, who doesn’t want to save the lives of loads of adorable innocent children? On a political note, I sure as hell don’t want to have my freedoms taken away so some campaigning into human rights and freedom of speech would also be a contender.

But, the single most important and compelling issue to me is that of poverty. I feel that the gap between the wealthy and the poor has become even more prevalent in recent years. It’s always been a problem, of course, but it seems to be becoming a much further reaching problem than it was say ten years ago (for reasons we’re all aware of and I won’t bore you with). There are many forms of poverty both in developing countries and in our own and the eradication or reduction of this huge issue would have a massive impact on other world problems.

When you tackle poverty you give people the chance to take care of themselves, to improve the way they eat, sleep and look after their bodies so that you greatly reduce disease, poor body condition and bad health in general. This has a knock on effect – a greater number of healthy people means more productive people making the world a better, happier place. More people in good health also means less people using medical resources, requiring fewer medical experts to care for them.

With less poverty more people would have the chance to obtain a good education which would lessen the chance of those people becoming impoverished. Educated people are less ignorant, they have the tools to (potentially) live productively and help others around them.

I know that this is pie in the sky dreaming, I also have no idea how I’d go about tackling the issue but it is something I believe strongly in. Whether it’s a starving child in Ethiopia drinking filthy water from half a plastic bottle or a homeless man in a grubby sleeping bag slumped in a shop doorway in the City Centre, I have always felt for these people who have less. Not just less than the very wealthy, but less than they need to comfortably survive each day. I have always hated that less money means less chance to ever make money, to have any opportunities to better yourself. The lower down the wealth scale you are the more difficult it is to change your life for the better. How is that fair?