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Style: This Old Thing & Shopping My Wardrobe



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I watched Dawn O’Porter’s new programme This Old Thing on catch up over the weekend and I quite enjoyed it. It was fun and interesting and bright. I love vintage clothes and whilst I don’t own an entirely vintage wardrobe, and you would rarely find me exploring a vintage shop of a weekend, I think some of my favourite clothes are the handful simple fifties dresses I own.

Watching the programme made me notice how I had stopped having fun with what I wear. Being away at work for half of the week, when I get home that’s exactly where I want to stay. Anthony doesn’t get dressed if he doesn’t go outside, which makes perfect sense for him, but on watching This Old Thing, I realised that I’d been copying him (who wants to be the only dressed person in the house?!). It wasn’t okay for me anymore. I noticed how sick I was of sitting on the couch in my pyjamas for four days solid, thoughtlessly pulling on jeans and an old jumper to venture to Morrisons. I missed the ritual of getting dressed, opening the wardrobe doors and searching through all the possibilities until I found something that was just right for that day. In fact, I wasn’t even getting that on the days when I was getting dressed because on those days I was living out of a suitcase, my outfits having been hastily picked from a slim selection of clothes which were clean and wouldn’t crease too badly when thrown into my case on a Sunday evening.

My love of getting dressed had also diminished somewhat around the time my finances took a turn for the worse. For one reason or another, over the past few months I just haven’t had any spare cash for spending on myself, certainly not for spending on new clothes anyway. I feel like somehow this is always the case for me. I rarely, very rarely, go shopping. When I do it’s to replace something that has worn out or pick up something for a specific event. Occasionally I treat myself to two or three sale items but the last of such occasions seems like forever ago. This seems to be the way it’s always been for me. The main bulk of my wardrobe dates back to uni. I have cardigans and tshirts that I’ve known longer than Anthony.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have many clothes. My wardrobe and drawers are bursting at the seams. By never throwing anything away and accepting any and all cast offs from my aunties and mum I have amassed an impressive and varied collection.

After watching the programme, my passion had been reignited and on Saturday morning I decided to partake in an activity that I like to call ‘shopping my wardrobe’. Basically, you pull all your clothes out of your various storage solutions and look at them like they are new clothes that you have pulled off the shelves of a lovely boutique – you can’t do this too frequently though because you’ll remember all the clothes and it won’t be as exciting. If you are anything like me, most of the clothes will be new to you as you’ll have forgotten most of them. By looking at the clothes with fresh eyes you come up with new ways to wear them and new items to pair them with. I sort the clothes into piles of things I like, things I don’t like, winter clothes etc. I tried on all the clothes in my ‘like’ pile and then created a new pile of clothes that no longer fit… it’s not all sad news though – I put on a dress that I’d never worn because it was so big it looked silly but now, with my new found…er…bulk…it looks much better(!).

After I had hidden all my unwanted (for now) clothes away at the bottom of my wardrobe, I hung up all my ‘like’ pile and it was actually, a little bit, like I had been shopping. I had several new outfit possibilities largely based around the vintage items in my wardrobe inspired by This Old Thing.

Over the past few days I’ve really been enjoying getting dressed and I took extra care to pick exciting things to wear for work so the momentum would carry on through the week. Hopefully next weekend I can avoid the pyjama slump!

How about you, do you ever ‘shop your wardrobe’? Did you enjoy This Old Thing? I can’t wait for the next episode!